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Our Services

We achieve our objective of building and selling sustainable homes for wide range of customers through following means:
  1. Usually we purchase suitable vacant land, develop them into new houses / flats and sell them to wide range of customers.
  • 2. Agreement Based Developments (11,000 Sq ft and above): We are also open to landowners who owns vacant land and would like to develop their land through a specialist developer like us.
  • This type of developments will be based on a simple written agreement made through solicitors between the Landowner and the Developer, mainly on the provision of (land value’s equivalent or as agreed) completed & certified builtup area (in the form of houses or flats) to the Landowner in return for providing their land for the development.

3. Clients who own a small plot of land and wants an specialist developer to transform that land into their beautiful dream house (Newbuilds only).

In this case, the Developer will be responsible to carry out all necessary site investigations, designs (to suit client’s requirements) and construction from start to finish and obtaining the completion certificate from the local council. The finished dwelling will carry a ten-year standard structural warranty (NHBC or Equivalent) and the Developer will deal with any snags for up to one year from the date of receiving the completion certificate from the council.